Talks: 19-20 September, 2019

This year’s captivating programme, sponsored by Clippings, will see a slew of the industry’s leading thinkers discussing an eclectic range of topical trends & topics. We question: How should design react to some of the world’s most pressing problems? Ticket Prices: £10 / £5 with a Platinum or Press Pass

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Thursday 19th September  

10am - 10:45am

Wellness in The
Workplace - Is It Anything More Than A Passing Fad?

A panel of workplace experts – including designers, journalists and workplace scientists – unpick our current obsession with wellbeing and ask if it’s simply feng-shui for the new Millennium?

Speakers: Mark Eltringham: Founder of Workplace Insight; Rosamund Pomeroy: Workplace Scientist and Co-Founder of brianybirdz; Michelle Wilkie: TP Bennett; Sevil Peach: Interior Architect; Michelle Wilkie: Director of tp bennett

11am - 11:45am

Sheep To Seat, Fleece To Floor: Ella Doran And The Circular Economy

The award-winning designer discusses her latest project with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Sheep to Seat, Fleece to Floor, where she took fleeces from the sheep grazing in the park’s grounds and turned them into a variety of products that were then sold in the park’s shop. The project involved a host of manufacturing companies including Camira, Coakley & Cox and Alternative Flooring. The talk promises to touch on subjects such as sustainability and the importance of the circular economy. 

Speakers: Ella Doran: Designer

12pm - 12:45pm

Lunchtime Book Club - Brinkworth: So Good So Far

To celebrate the launch of their new monograph – written by Graeme Brooker with a forewords Michael Marriott and Peter Higgins – Adam Brinkworth and Kevin Brennan discuss the award-winning practice and chart how it has grown from a small workshop in East London into a globally renowned design and architecture studio, with clients ranging from Converse to All Saints. 

Speakers: Chaired by Riya Patel, Curator at The Aram Gallery & Adam Brinkworth: CEO Brinkworth; Kevin Brennan: Co-CEO BrinkworthContributing Editor ICON

1pm - 1:45pm

Rise of The Flash Team: Designing The Agile Office

The first of two lunchtime talks hosted by interior design platform Clippings on trends impacting workplace design. The appetite for innovation in modern organisations and a generation that prizes freedom in their careers require new modes of working; these transient teams need spaces with the flexibility to group and re-group in ever-changing constellations. How will interior design answer the demands of today's hyper-flexible workforce?

Speakers: Speakers: Stuart Templeton: Senior Associate and Design Director at Gensler Architecture; Marius Thies: Trends Editor at Clippings; Elena de Kan: Design consultant at Steelcase; Neil Usher: Chief Workplace Officer at GoSpace

2pm - 2:45pm

Dyslexia and Design

A high powered panel including designer Ab Rogers of ARD, product designer James Rokos, metal artist Simone ten Hompel and Cambridge University researcher Helen Taylor discuss their dyslexia, looking at the impact it has had on their lives, their experience of the education system, and, ultimately, how it has enabled – rather than hindered – their careers. 

Speakers: Ab Rogers: Interior Designer; James Rokos: Product Designer; Simone ten Hompel: Metal Artist; Helen Taylor: Researcher, Cambridge University

4pm - 4:45pm

The Standard London: How the Capital Got Its Hottest New Hotel

Housed in the former Camden Town Hall Annex a mere stone’s throw from the Everyman Cinema, The Standard London is the brand’s first hotel outside the US. It contains 266 rooms in 42 unique styles and has been described as ‘London’s hottest hotel open for 2019’. In this special panel session Sleeper magazine’s editor Matthew Turner talks to some of the people that made it happen. 

Speakers: Chaired by Matthew Turner. Panel including Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of The Standard London; Nick Searl: Partner at Argent LLP

Friday 20th September  

10am - 10:45am

Britain Can (Still) Make It

A panel discussion that looks at the future of British manufacturing, seeking to unpick the problems and the benefits of making things in this country and asking what role design can play, as well as pondering how technology is likely to disrupt the traditional model. Expect Brexit to be mentioned on at least one occasion. 

Speakers: Emily Johnson: Founder of high end ceramics company, 1882; Matthew Hilton: furniture and product designer; Richard Blackwell: Executive Director, Bisley

11am - 11:45am

New Voices in Design

Organised in conjunction with Living Etc, this panel talk seeks to discover how new voices from diverse backgrounds can be encouraged into the design industry. It will include a combination of personal stories and policy ideas. 

Speakers: Peter Ting: Ceramic Designer & Creative Director; Thomas Goode; Eva Sonaike:  Textile Designer; Kevin Green: Co-Founder, STORE STORE; Ella Ritchie: Director, Intoart; Peter Ting: Ceramic Designer & Creative Director of Thomas Goode

12pm - 12:45pm

The Future: Design in Turbulent Times

A session of rapid fire presentations from recent graduates of Central Saint Martins, tying in with its show at the nearby Lethaby Gallery. What will the future of design look like? And what materials will we be using? Can design help society become both more sustainable and equitable? 

Speakers: Chaired by William Knight, former Deputy Director, the London Design Festival. Speakers include: Mael Hanaff, Elissa Brunato, Benjamin Beaumoyal, Graysha Audren.

This Talk will be introduced by Professor Carole Collet, director CSM LVMH Sustainable Innovation and hosted by the former deputy director of the London Design Festival William Knight.

1pm - 1:45pm

Over Exposure: Resetting the Open Plan Office

The second lunchtime session hosted by interior design platform Clippings on trends impacting workplace design: amid stacks of research flagging the detrimental effects of open plan workspaces for both focus and collaboration, a corner office for every employee is simply not feasible. How will interior designers leverage the resulting new approaches to office specification and help clients turn the tide of a workforce hooked up to headphones?

Speakers: Jennifer Celesia: Senior Workplace Strategist EMEA at Haworth; Marius Thies: Trends Editor at Clippings; Daniel Heckscher: Interior Architect and Partner at Note Design Studio; Owen King: Director of Corporate Research at JLL UK

2pm - 2:45pm

Queer Culture and The City

Renowned architect, designer and educator Nigel Coates discusses how LGBTQ culture has fundamentally changed – and will continue to transform – the shape of our cities. With Isabel Allen, editor-in-chief of the new architecture title, Citizen. 

Speakers: Nigel Coates: Architect, Designer & Educator; Isabel Allen: Editor-in-Chief, Citizen

3pm - 3:45pm

Design and Data: Ecology and Evolution of Architecture in Cities Today

The production of data on urban environments is an important aspect of 21st century urban planning and architecture. This data represents potential new insights into habitation in increasingly dense cities. Gökhan Avcıoğlu of Istanbul based architecture practice GAD who has been a leader in computational design will present “smart city” strategies to optimise standards of living in urban contexts.

After Gokhan Avcioglu's presentation there will be discussion of Smart Cities with architecture critic Gökhan Karakuş.

Speakers: Gökhan Avcıoğlu: Global Architectural Development


4pm - 4:45pm

Aperitivo Book Club

To celebrate their recent Phaidon monograph, leading designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility discuss the studio’s history, which has encompassed an array of projects from office furniture for Herman Miller to a spray watering can for Muji via lights for Wastberg and, of course the brilliant Branca chair for Mattiazzi. 

Speakers: Sam Hecht: Designer, Industrial Facility; Kim Colin: Design, Industrial Facility